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      handheld scanner


      I have a LS 2208 hand held scanner and was wanting to know is there a way to get it to scan the database without having to hit the find button etc. Is there software that is needed to import new items to the database etc. This is for an Inventory database. 

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          How is does this scanner connect to your computer and how will you use it? Is it a self contained unit so you can walk through a store or warehouse scanning multiple items that you then take back to your computer and process the scanned data all in a batch?

          Or is it connected directly to your computer via a USB or similar connection?

          I would guess the latter.

          Most scanners work in what is called "keyboard emulation mode". That means the computer receives and responds to the scanned data as though it had been rapidly typed in from the keyboard. Most scanners can be configured to append additional characters to the beginning and end of the scanned data. How you configure your scanner to do this will differ with the manufacturer. You'll need to consult the technical info and/or software provided with the scanner to figure out how to do this.

          Once you can do that, you can use script triggers in FileMaker to detect the characters put at the beginning of the scan to perform scripts so that scanning data automatically puts the focus in the correct fields so that the scanned data appears in it. A second script trigger can then detect the data at the end of the scan to perform a script such as the find you want performed. One simple way to do that is to append a return or tab character to the end of the scan. This can then cause the focus to leave the field just as though you had pressed the tab or enter key. (behavior settings for the key you choose must be set up for that field in the inspector.). Then the OnObjectExit trigger will be tripped and it can be set up to perform your find script.

          If you search this forum using "barcode" as the search text, you can find a number of posts that have sample scripts for working with a barcode scanner.

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             is it connected directly to your computer via a USB and stays connected to it it is a Symble Technology LS2208 which is put out by motorola