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    Handling "End of Trial Period"



      Handling "End of Trial Period"



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       Customer By Web Form (Larry D. Dykstra) Jan 07, 2012 08:36 PM PST

      On 1/4/12, I downloaded FileMaker Pro to my MacBook (OS 10.6.8) on a trial basis to see if I could open my old FMP 3.0 files, and a few in AppleWorks. Results were interesting; my recollections were slow, but Filemaker soon became fun again.

      I want to write a book based on a couple of my Filemaker (Pro 3.0) files from several years back. I was told I could do it all in Filemaker, but I don't remember what I had set up.

      My motor skills are quite limited; comprehension and memory difficulties are also limiting. I upgraded my Mac to OS 10.6.8 so I can use Dragon Dictate for Mac, and QuickBooks 2012 for Mac.

      My Filemaker trial period is almost up. I need help in selecting the Filemaker version I need, and a good place to buy it.

      Please help!

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          If you can possibly purchase FileMaker Advanced even if you do not plan to develop databases for a living, do so. The database design report and script debugger/data viewer features can save you a massive amount of frustration when you make a change to your database and the results aren't what you expected.

          If you are involved with a community orginization that provides you with assitance in dealing with your personal challenges, you might want to see if they can get you a copy of FileMaker for free. FileMaker does have a policy for donating copies to non-church charitable organizations so you might just be able to work something out that saves you some money if that is a concern.