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    Handling a 'mixed field'



      Handling a 'mixed field'


      I have a 'table' I'd like to import from Excel. It has ~55 fields and 100 records of standards for the different 55 parameters. Most fields are just 'static' numeric. However, there are quite a few that contain formulae. I think I can handle these during Import into FM. I can use an Excel VBA macro to adjust syntax in preparation for the FM import. However, 1 problem: Some fields contain both static numbers and formulae, sometimes 2 different formulae.

      It's important to keep this Excel spreadsheet as a link to the raw data, but how do I deal with these mixed fields in FM? ie. how do I deal with it while permitting an efficient import from Excel?

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          You can import such data as text perhaps, but what you can then do with such a formula in Filemaker seems rather problematic given the significant data level differences between the two applications. 

          There is an Evaluate function in FileMaker that can take text and evaluate it just as though it is text entered into the specify. calculation dialog, but converting a calc imported  from excel seems a real challenge here given the way excel calcs use row and column coordinates to refer to data in other cells.