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Handling a bazillion fields

Question asked by dsimonson on Oct 25, 2014
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Handling a bazillion fields


In the anesthesia clinical record/billing solution I am working on, I am creating a ton of fields.  Most are tied to a specific surgery, so I am creating them in the SURGERIES table.  However, even though they will be unique to a single surgery and so (to my understanding) can reasonably all be added to that table, I find that the number is getting very large. 


I was thinking that I could split them off into separate tables, tied to the SURGERIES record by a key field.  Thus, I could create a table called "CMS_FIELDS" that would have all of the fields related to completing the CMS claim form for the surgery, and another table called "CLINICAL RECORD" that would have all of the fields related to the clinical record for that surgery.  

My question is:  is that the best way to do it?  Thanks.


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