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    Hardware for Workstations



      Hardware for Workstations


      Does anybody have any input/experience as to using certain hardware as workstations.  Specifically, I need to have workstations that are touch enabled for a manufacturing workflow.  I am considering iPads, Surface tablets among other solutions such as regular desktop models with touch enabled screens and would love to know what worked for you.  I don't think I will distribute the dB via the Web Publisher, although I may.


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          For the past 14 years we have used Windows based PCs with 3M capacitive touch screens. Our onscreen keyboards when necessary were powered by My-T-Touch. This system was written in MS Access v2 and then in MS Access 2003.

          All were in a harsh manufacturing environment, PC's were generally housed in a wall mounted electrical cabinet and the monitors were suspended from Ergotron support arms.

          Moving on to filemaker, I didn't like the Windows filemaker interface, it's like a window within a window and the Macs have no affordable touch screen option or nicely functioning on screen keyboard.

          Sure I can use the Mac Mini with the 3M touch screens, but I decided this is 2014, portability, non wired ruggedised was the way to go. I invested in a couple of dozen iPads and the superb life proof Nuud cases and started to roll out a new manufacturing system.

          Office PC's were junked (end of life anyway) and were all replaced with iMacs which run any legacy stuff through parallels but by in large we are OSX now.

          I still have a couple of PC's running XP & FM12 but they were there for a reason and it was mainly due to the inability to print thermal self adhesive labels in a few applications.

          I have to say, from a company communication standpoint, the iPad with it's mail, web browsing, FaceTime and iMessaging has been flawless. They have been 100% reliable for nearly 2 years now and so is FMGo.

          In a few applications we have the iPads mounted in Lifeproof cradles with Ram Mount arms and mounting hardware where we needed fixed point data entry points. 


          I also have to say, in hindsight the 3M touch monitors and PC's were brilliant, the My T Touch keyboard is still used on these and now called from within filemaker running on XP. All this hardware ran 24/7/365 and we rarely lost any of it over the 14 years it was in production.

          But from a cost point of view a €500 iPad and €100 case is much cheaper to run than a PC & touchscreen in the long term (I hope).


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            Thanks Eoin for the valuable info - I will be looking and searching closely at the stuff you have recommended - again thanks!