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Has FM13 changed default sorting of Popup Menu value lists?

Question asked by mr_scott on Jan 28, 2014
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Has FM13 changed default sorting of Popup Menu value lists?


     How can I get secondary field text values in a popup menu to sort the same way that FileMaker sorts records by text fields? FileMaker 13 seems to sort them the same way as the value index, rather than how record data gets sorted, 
     Our users have found that value lists that formerly ignored pre-pended characters for sorting, now respect them. For instance:
     In FileMaker 12, values that were pre-pended with an asterisk were displayed in Alpha-numeric order by default — and the pre-pended asterisk was ignored.
     Now, in FileMaker 13, these characters are included in the default sort order, so all of the pre-pended values are now together at the top of the list. 
     Detailed discussion links on this issue in TechNet and fmForums are listed at the bottom of this post.
     Thanks in advance,
     - - Scott
     Update 2014-01-28: I have prepared example solution files for FileMaker, Inc. to investigate by reproducing the issue I've encountered. I will follow-up when I get some feedback.
     There was also a suggested workaround by another TechNet user.