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Has Relationship Filtering Changed in V11?

Question asked by Gazzer on Jun 24, 2010
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Has Relationship Filtering Changed in V11?


I have a table with all the usual fields and one which contains a boolean value (1=true, 0=false). In another table I have a single field, gTrue, which is global and always contains the number 1. There is a relationship from the TrueFalse field to the gTrue field in the other table.


When I did this in FM8.5 the resulting recordset would only contain records where both tables had a 1 in the joined field (an INNER JOIN).


When I do the same thing in FM11, I get everything from the main table with only values from the second table (gTrue) where the TF field in the main table contains a 1 (an OUTER JOIN, or LEFT JOIN).


I used to use this technique a lot for filtering data (without a portal) and I have not been able to find a way round it. Actually, that's not quite true - I can use a trigger script to do a find, but finds are generally slower and the user can "sholl all records" which defeats the object of filtering.


Any suggestions?


If no suggestions, can anyone confirm that relationships have changed in the manner I have described?