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Has this happened to you? Logged out and comment lost

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 20, 2014
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Has this happened to you? Logged out and comment lost


     This has always been a problem with the software used in this forum, but recently, the issue has become many times worse. At unpredictable points in time, the forum will log you out and require that you log back in. If you have opened a thread, entered a comment and then the system logs you out, clicking the button to submit your comment, takes you to an error screen and your comment is lost. Private messages can be lost in the same manner.

     At other times, you'll click a thread topic link to open the thread and the misnamed "Post a New Answer" box is missing and you see a "sign in to like" link after each existing comment in the thread. That's not a big disaster as you didn't lose a comment, but it's another symptom of this bug.

     Since a recent maintenance update, this has gone from a once a day occurrence to possibly many times a day and at random intervals--an extremely frustrating event. But what is more frustrating is that the Right Now Programmers cannot seem to reproduce this behavior.

     So in an effort to help bring an end to this, I am asking all users that have experienced this particular issue to post a comment here and include the following info:

     What Operating system? (Name and current release number)
     What Browser? (Name and current release number)
     And any other observations that might provide a clue as to what might trigger the log out.

     For me, this is:

     Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1
     Firefox 27.0.1---> hmm, checking this downloads an update, will report back if the problem persists after the update

     Edit note: now updated to Firefox 28.0 and this is still happening-- 3 times today in the first half hour! angry

     In the mean time, the best way to avoid having to retype a comment is to copy the entire text to the clipboard just before submitting a new comment. That way you can sign back in and paste to submit that comment.

     And note that this is especially egregious if you want to file a new issue report or Feedback. I suggest that you:

     Fill in the first large Edit box, copy it's contents to the clipboard, click "save and preview" and then repeat ad nauseum with each succeeding edit box. Ugh!

     PS: I'd like to keep this thread focused on the technical details about this specific bug. A lot of us, myself included, have very negative opinions of this forum software and the Right Now programming team, but please don't post here if your only reason is to complain about the poor quality. Please click the feedback tab and post such comments there.