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    Have I made a big mistake buying Filemaker?



      Have I made a big mistake buying Filemaker?


      Hi guys,

      I recently bought Filemaker Pro 11 to use as a customer management database and have now imported around 1600 contacts.  The object of using it was to be able to email contacts and keep tabs on the contact history.  Sometimes I want to send a mailshot to a group of contacts in HTML or Rich Text format.

      From what I can see, it appears FM Pro can't send email in RTF or HTML and has no record history as standard just manual writing of notes for each contact).  So I can't keep track of what emails I sent to which contact.  Maybe I should have bought Goldmine instead.  Can someone convince me that FM Pro is indeed suitable for my needs and show me how to send emails in HTML?  Or should I scrap Filemaker and buy something else?

      Many thanks


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          Perhaps you should have downloaded the 30 day free trial instead of purchasing the product.

          If you were looking for an off the shelf, install and go system, filemaker very well might not be what you need. Filemaker is a tool for creating your own, customized solutions. The contact management starter solution, is just that, a point to get you started--demonstrating one approach to using a database for contact management. You can start from a blank page and design your own, or you can modify the contact management starter solution to better meet your needs. You could, for example, add additional tables, fields and updated scripts that log each email so you can track what emails where sent to whom.

          Filemaker's send mail tool only does plain text emails though you can attach PDF's to the email. You can also purchase a plug in from a third party developer that gives you more options for emails--including formatting the email body.