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Have I made a big mistake buying Filemaker?

Question asked by PeterWills on Jul 19, 2010
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Have I made a big mistake buying Filemaker?


Hi guys,

I recently bought Filemaker Pro 11 to use as a customer management database and have now imported around 1600 contacts.  The object of using it was to be able to email contacts and keep tabs on the contact history.  Sometimes I want to send a mailshot to a group of contacts in HTML or Rich Text format.

From what I can see, it appears FM Pro can't send email in RTF or HTML and has no record history as standard just manual writing of notes for each contact).  So I can't keep track of what emails I sent to which contact.  Maybe I should have bought Goldmine instead.  Can someone convince me that FM Pro is indeed suitable for my needs and show me how to send emails in HTML?  Or should I scrap Filemaker and buy something else?

Many thanks