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Having a portal without any relationships.

Question asked by Yvan on Mar 27, 2009
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Having a portal without any relationships.


Is there a way in Filemaker to use a portal in a layout (using form view) without having any database relationships? I use a very simple flat file to keep track of my bank account's debit and credit, all I need is the database is the date, description, debit, credit and reconciled field.


In order to speed up my banking reconciliation, I am trying to set up a layout with a web viewer (with my online bank statement) on half of the screen and on the other side a portal that would display the transactions that I have recorded.


I was hoping to just checkmark the reconciled field on my database while browsing my bank account at the same time.


Unfortunately, a layout will not created a portal without a relationship in form view,


Any one would have an idea?


Thanks. Yvan