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having a problem when using relationships by date

Question asked by tony24601 on Jun 23, 2010
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having a problem when using relationships by date


Ok i have three tables: Timesheet, Employee, and TimeWorked. Timesheet is related to Employee by employee_login (so employees can only see their own timesheets). Employee is linked to TimeWorked by employee login again, but also by employee::periodStart<= timeWorked::date and periodEnd>=date. All the date related fields are of date type, none have any special options.


Now, i have a portal in a layout using the timesheet table that displays every timeWorked instance (this is so you can see how many hours you worked in a given time). There's also two fields in the timesheet layout that change the employee::periodStart and periodEnd. Now, it seems to me that this should be all I need to do, and it does seem to work mostly. The problem is that I also get every record from this week, whether they are in range or not. Any ideas why this could be happening? Let me know if I left out any vital info, and thanks in advance.