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Having an email recipient complete Filemaker Forms

Question asked by icanlkerr on Nov 19, 2009
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Having an email recipient complete Filemaker Forms


Hello, I wanted to know what is the simplest way (if a way even exists) to send a filemaker page to someone through email and have them fill out missing forms remotely.  After a cursory search, I see that there are several email pluggins for Filemaker, but I have little knowledge of the program, let alone with it's pluggins, and I don't know which ones (if any) could help me accomplish this.


As a backup, is there a plugin that will let me send out a filemaker page to someone through email, have them fill it out, and send it back to me through email so that I can manually update fields? 


The important part is that I can send someone a page with some empty forms, and some filled forms (ones that i have data in already) that they can fill out the empty forms and get that information back to me as easily as possible (preferably without having to have them save it and attach it to an emai).



whoops, need to read posting guidelines.  other information:


I am using Filemaker 7 Pro


I am using Win XP, although the guy I am researching this for may be using Vista or Win 7.  A multi-os solution is preferable.


The database is pretty simple - it's a page with a few dozen entries, all of them are text-entry.


Once again, my experience with filemaker is very poor.  I know how to use it about as well as I'd be able to use Excel. 


I don't think the database is being shared at all at the moment, and the firewall for our building (and it's accompanying code against local servers) would probably prevent me from hosting it locally.  Is there some remote server i could use to host it?