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Having Chart Issues, please help!

Question asked by EricKornmeyer on Apr 23, 2012
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Having Chart Issues, please help!


We want to track a lot of values in a chart. I have it setup as follows:

YAXISVALUESCost as a number calculation field: The calculation is:

HiCo Week1&¶&
HiCo Week2&¶&
HiCo Week3&¶&
HiCo Week4&¶&
HiCo Week5&¶&
HiCo Week6&¶&
HiCo Week7&¶&
HiCo Week8&¶&
HiCo Week9&¶&
HiCo Week10&¶&
HiCo Week11&¶&
HiCo Week12&¶&
HiCo Week13&¶&
HiCo Week14&¶&
HiCo Week15&¶&
HiCo Week16&¶&
HiCo Week17&¶&
HiCo Week18&¶&
HiCo Week19&¶&
HiCo Week20&¶&
HiCo Week21&¶&
HiCo Week22&¶&
HiCo Week23&¶&
HiCo Week24&¶&
HiCo Week25&¶&
HiCo Week26&¶&
HiCo Week27&¶&
HiCo Week28&¶&
HiCo Week29&¶&
HiCo Week30&¶&
HiCo Week31&¶&
HiCo Week32&¶&
HiCo Week33&¶&
HiCo Week34&¶&
HiCo Week35&¶&
HiCo Week36&¶&
HiCo Week37&¶&
HiCo Week38&¶&
HiCo Week39&¶&
HiCo Week40&¶&
HiCo Week41&¶&
HiCo Week42&¶&
HiCo Week43&¶&
HiCo Week44&¶&
HiCo Week45&¶&
HiCo Week46&¶&
HiCo Week47&¶&
HiCo Week48&¶&
HiCo Week49&¶&
HiCo Week50&¶&
HiCo Week51&¶&
HiCo Week52
When I view the field in form mode, I see the following:
As you can see, it is entering in the line breaks where there isn't a value. I make a new chart and I set the y-axis to be that calculated field because I read that FM will read carriage-returns as seperate data points.
The x-axis is a static field, the item name. Setting: use data from current field (delimited data)
But yeah, the issue is it is not displaying anything on the graph ( the one on the right)