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Having Issues Adding Records

Question asked by GilbertSolorio on May 13, 2015
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Having Issues Adding Records & Carry Forward Customer ID when adding new record



I created a filemaker database containing 4 layouts:

  1. Bio Demo
  3. Hair Color
  5. Perm Wave
  7. Skin

Each layout is a record and within the record I have several fields.

The Bio Demo is where the user will mostly be.  In this layout I have a Tab Control consisting of 3 tabs (Hair Color, Perm Wave, and Skin).  For each tab, I inserted the portal control so it displays related records associated to the Customer ID and to its respective record.   On the first tab "Hair Color" I added a button at the bottom "Add Hair Color".  When clicked, it takes me to the Hair Color layout and I'm able to enter the information I need.  (1) First Issue is that it doesn't carry over the Customer ID, I have to enter it (which is a problem).  When I go back to the Bio Demo layout, I can see that record in the tab.  

When I click "Add hair Color" a second time, it takes me back to the Hair Color layout.  I have to enter the Customer ID because again, it doesn't carry over the ID.  But when I create the record, and I go back to the Bio Demo layout, the second record is not shown on the Hair Color tab.  But if I click on this second record, it takes me directly to the second record.    

Of course, after I get this tab working the way it should, I will need to duplicate this on the other tabs.  

I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.  I will attach images