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Having issues charting

Question asked by caseyisaac on Apr 7, 2010


Having issues charting


Working in Filemaker 11 on a windows 2003 server, networked through filemaker server, I have some developing skills. I not sure what i'm doing wrong here. I have four statuses Returns, Letter Withdrawn, Withdrawn and Closed. I have other status but i'm less concerned of, what I'm trying to do is have those four statuses populate in a Pie Chart to show me and any give  time what percentage they make up with in each other. What I did was make for calc fields that say if(status="closed",1,"") then I made summary fields for each, formating them to be general numbers. 


Chart type: Pie

Chart Title: Blah Blah

Lable Data: None

Value Data: The four summary fields I made.


Use Data From: Current found set.


After I do this I have alot of boxs where the chart should be........what i'm I doing wrong?