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Having Issues creating scripts to create groups and im a newbie

Question asked by white_nicole on Nov 12, 2009
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Having Issues creating scripts to create groups and im a newbie


I'm using a Filemaker Pro 10

on a PC (running xp)

I'm a newbie i have had basic experience in some database entry but not so much in the creating of a workable layout


I'm using one of the stock templates of FM 10 for "email campaign management"

what i'm creating is a database to send out email advertising i have added about 10,000 contacts with what type of unit(vehicle) say if they bought a yamaha or a honda and then if they bought a civic or a grizzly... and so on

What i want to do is use my created contacts that have what type of machine that they bought to create a group for each scenerio;

if i want to send out just a yamaha general email and then to send out a yahama generator email and a honda service email etc usiong the same group of contacts using the fields i have mapped out
How do i create a script to manage the contacts to create there own "group" as i add more contacts and more units (vehicles)


For example:

John Smith bought a yamaha Rhino 700 2009 (Side by side)  and a Honda Civic 2004 (car) and a Yamaha Generator 2400IS (generator) and a Yamaha TTR-110E 2008 (Dirtbike) 


He would be in a Email group to get an email for say a coupon for a free oil change on his Honda Civic as well as a different group to get an email for a sale on accessories for his rhino 700 and a sale email flyer for new yamaha genertors


There are vehicle tabs which I have created the fields include:


Vehicle make (yamaha/honda/G3/thunderjet/etc.)

Type (Side by side/atv/boat/car/suv/dirtbike/etc.)

Model [grizzly(700,550,450)/civic/rhino(450,700,660)/ttr/etc.)



Status [new/used]


I have a campaign set up and my contacts are in i've tried creating groups by field values but the script isn't working to automatically "find" the values i want the group to find and create 


I really need some help on this I'm sorry if its a dumb question i just can't seem to figure out what is not working...All help and time is greatly apprieciated