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Having problems creating summary report

Question asked by red_fire_farm on May 19, 2009
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Having problems creating summary report


I am in desperate need of assistance.  I have read and re-read the instruction on creating summary reports and nothing is working.  Our farm is using Filemaker Pro 10 to track our CSA members and our database contains nearly 900 names.   Many of our members pay via a monthly installment plan and I have created a tab in my database under each persons contact information, which contains fields "payment 6/1", "payment 7/1", "payment 8/1", etc. 

I am trying to create a summary report that I can run that will show me a totall for what has been collected for each month.  I have followed the steps in the New Layout/Report section and the report shows up when I'm done, but there is no data in the report.  I can't figure out how to summarize the information.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


(We just bought FM Pro for this growing season so I'm still new to the system).

Thanks in advance.


Red Fire Farm