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Having problems with a table relation

Question asked by dinora on Apr 14, 2011
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Having problems with a table relation


I sell tours and transfers all over the world.  I have a database that allows me to select tours and transfers for my clients two different layouts.  I produce vouchers based on the information entered.  When selecting a transfer on a booking we are to enter an airport and when the voucher comes out it indicates the airport selected on the voucher.  This works just fine

On the tour side of things for the most part tours do not involve transfers therefore an airport selection is not necessary, however sometimes we have what we call a transfer tour.  Which may involve picking up the client at the airport doing a tour and then ending services at the pier or hotel.  Here is where we have a problem even though they layout displays the correct airport for data entering, the voucher is coming out with another airport not the one we chose, or the field is blank.– I have attached a clone copy of the database for easier picture if anyone is interested I can email it – Can you help