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Having problems with Default Mail Client in FMP

Question asked by MarcSims on Sep 10, 2012
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Having problems with Default Mail Client in FMP



     First of all I am a user, not a developer. I was sent here by the developer of the software I bought because the issue I am having was beyond his knowledge base. Hopefully you guys can help out :)

     I am using FMP 9.0v3 and FMS I am having problems on workstations running windows XP pro.

     On my laptop, I have office 2003 installed, including outlook. Using this configuration I was able to send mass emails to many contacts in FMP, but I was required to click 'ok' for each contact as outlook thought FMP was malicious. That got pretty tiresome after the 400th time.

     I recently installed thunderbird on this same workstation and switched that over to be my default mail client. The PC recognized thunderbird as the default everwhere except in FMP. When I tried to send mass emails in FMP outlook would open again and I would get the same dialog box pop up to confirm it was not malicious.

     Frustrated, I uninstalled outlook from the computer. Now when I try to send mail in FMP, the whole program crashes. I get this "filemaker pro has encountered an error and must close" message.

     It seems that at some point FMP has become married to the fact that Outlook is the mail client of choice on this machine. On other machines that have never had outlook installed, or had outlook installed after thunderbird, I can send mails in Thunderbird without problem.

     Is this fixable? I'm really at a loss after many hours of trying to figure this out.

     Thanks in advance,