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Having Problems With Email Subscription

Question asked by user14040 on May 15, 2012
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Having Problems With Email Subscription



I created a email subscription which email subscribers when my community newspaper has a new issue available.

The email works fine when displaying the PDF of the record but when I put the link in the body of the message it is always showing Vol. 24 No. 10 with it's link.  It's not showing the current Volume which should be Vol. 24 No. 12 and the current web link


attached is the image of the relationship I have.

Tables are Customers, Company, Newspaper 2


Customers::CompanyIDfk - Company::CustomerIDfk

Customers::LinkIDfk - Newspaper 2::LinkIDfk


On Customers Layout(Customers)

I have a portal from Newspaper 2 table that list all volumes of the newspaper that each customer is subscribed to.

Within the portal I have a dropdown menu called Sent(Yes, Reconciled)

When a email is sent it changes the drop down value from Yes to Reconciled for each subscriber.


When I send the email it works the way I wont except for when I put this code in the body of the message

"Attached You Will Find  "  &  NewsPaper 2::VolNumber & "¶" & "  Please use this link to View PDF " & NewsPaper 2::WebLink


I guessing that the problem is my relationship not sure.  Any ideals where my error is.