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Having problems with pictures--JPEG error #62

Question asked by CT_1 on Feb 21, 2011


Having problems with pictures--JPEG error #62


I am new to FileMaker Pro and have inherited an old FileMaker Pro 5.5 database. I am having problems with some of the JPEG pictures in the database. The files are stored on our server, but when I burn them to CD and view them, not all of the images will appear. The pictures are inserted into container fields, and I have gone back and made sure that the images are in the database and NOT stored as a reference file. This did not fix the problem. Small JPEG images (around 100 KB) will appear, but larger ones (700-800 KB) will not. I get an error message "JPEG error #62" when the pictures will not display. Does anybody know what this message means, and how to fix the problem? 

Thanks in advance---