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    Having trouble creating Quick Charts



      Having trouble creating Quick Charts


      I am looking to make a few reports based on a Safety module we call Observation cards. It has about 38 fields for occurrences and is an unrelated table. What I am trying to do is have the chart look like what is pictured below. It will chart by job site how many counts of unsafe occurrences have been reported. The problem I am having is that I want it to chart ALL job sites and counts, but instead it is counting individual reports. The fields themselves are check box sets from a value list of Safe and Unsafe. How do I get it to count only Unsafe selections and total all 38 fields with Unsafe selections for each job site?


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          Sounds like you need to use individual records, up to 38 per each observation instead of 38 separate fields. This would then enable you to use finds, sorting and summary fields to produce the needed values for the Y series data you want to chart.

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             I am a little bit confused, do you mean create more tables and instead of separate fields have these as their own individual records related to a job site?

            These observations are done by the hundreds as they are submitted by everyone present on a job site. Below is a piece of what one observation looks like.

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              I mean that you add exactly one more table with one record for each of the "safe unsafe" rows of fields in your data using either a portal or a list view to list them.

              Each time that you start a new parent record to record this info, a script can generate the set of "HouseKeeping" thru "Material Handling & Storage" records needed for that parent record.

              And unless there is some rationale where you would select both Safe and Unsafe for the same item on this list, I'd change that par of your layout to a radio button format as check boxes allow and imply that you can select both values for the same item.