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Having Trouble Displaying Data From Portal

Question asked by JamesKnecht on Apr 22, 2014
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Having Trouble Displaying Data From Portal


     Very, very new to Filemaker pro.  I am rewriting our old software that was written in dBase IV.  So far I have imported my customer file table & my ledger file table & they are related by the account number field.  So far so good except for one issue that I just can't figure out.  I wish to display the balance from the ledger on the customer file.  The current balance is in the last record of the table for that account number.  I have set up a portal displaying the balance field but it is displaying the balance from the first record... not the last.  I assume I need a script so I set one up saying Go To Portal Row [Last}.  I went to Layout Setup & established a trigger for the script OnRecordLoad.  Still get date from the first record of the ledger.


     I have never written a script before.