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Having trouble exporting data

Question asked by hd on Jan 27, 2013
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Having trouble exporting data


     I've been googling this issue but as of yet have not found a solution, so I'm posting here to see if anyone can help!

     I'm using Filemaker 6.0v4 with DanceSOFT 5.7.4 designed by Get Physical!. We're moving to a new system, so we have to get all the existing data out. However, I've encountered some problems!

     Under Filemaker's File menu, the Export option is greyed out (on both the Host and other computers in the network). I've read this may be an issue with access privileges and that you have to enter a password to change them, is this correct? However, I do not know what the password would be, and as far as I know have no way of finding out. The database itself is poorly designed and has buttons for exporting in some fields, but not in others, which is problematic because I need all the data.

     I thought maybe if I can't export the data out of the program, maybe I can simple copy the files it saves to. Does filemaker store its data elsewhere? I went into the Filemaker Program Files folder and found some data in .txt format, but not everything appears to be there (It's mostly data from this past year, only.) Could there possibly be more text files elsewhere (Host computer or elsewhere)?

     Another thought I had was that if I can't find the .txt files, maybe I can open the Filemaker files in another Filemaker database that actually has buttons for exporting. Does this make sense and is it an option?

     I'd appreciate any help, and thanks in advance!