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    Having trouble printing all records



      Having trouble printing all records


      Dear Forum Members,

      I am using DBF 7 (which our company bought a long time ago, but just finally got around to using. We are planning to upgrade to 11 soon --if I can get the current db to print out and show all records in hard copy for our inventory projects).


      I have created the database, everything looks great, imports and reports went smoothly, pictures on each record all inserted. I have 451 records. I can scroll through and see all of my records (each record is a take a full 8 x 11 page in the format that best suits our inventory --ie 1 record = 1 page, if this matters). 


      Have gone to the find mode, requests menu, and selected "all records," I have selected the correct layout., then I have returned to browse mode, I have sorted the records as I wish them to print. I see that all 452 records show in the "total" section . THEN I go to print, I have chosen "records being browsed." I choose print "all," and sometimes I choose pages, then 1 - 452. I have tried every possible option. ONE only page prints out each time I have tried to print --either the "preview" page, or the last record.


      So stuck.





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          Records being browsed is the correct option.


          What do you see in preview mode?


          All the pages or just one page? (You can move from page to page in preview mode the same way you would move from record to record in browse mode. You click the "book" control's pages or drag the slider.)

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            I only see ONE record in the preview mode. I guess this is a sign. 

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              I am new to the forum and a new fmp user.


              I am not sure how to pull up all of the records in the preview mode, but I will keep at it.




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                This is what should work:


                Choose Show All Records from the Records menu.

                Sort the records if you want.

                Select print and specify Records being browsed.


                If you enter preview after showing all records, you should be able to see all records, though you may have to flip through them using the book control.

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                  I have done everything you said, BUT when I then go to the preview mode I only see one record.



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                    Hmm, I wonder what kind of layout you have up when you are doing this. Filemaker 7 is a version I skipped, but it was the first version to permit multiple tables in the same file. Your layout may be referring to a table that only has one record, but lists all your records in a portal...


                    Select Show All records and check to see how many total records are listed. (This is in a number near the "book" control.)


                    How many total records are listed? just 1?

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                      I will read up on tables.


                      I use find mode, then go to "requests" menu to choose Show All Records. I bounces me back to browse mode, where I see total: 451 records.


                      But, as you made me aware, I only see ONE record in the preview mode.


                      I also realized that the last record is the only record that shows in the preview mode. this is the record that prints.


                      I am very gratefull for your response.



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                        If you see a total of 451 records (You can choose show all records without entering find mode, by the way...) then you should also see all 451 in preview mode. You only see one page, but all the records should be viewable if you click through the pages on the book control or drag the slider.


                        If that's not the case, you may have a damaged file or layout.

                        Close the file, but keep filemaker open.

                        Select recover from the file menu and recover the file.

                        See if the recovered copy of the file prints correctly.


                        If that fixes things, replace your damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if you can find one. If your back up is out of date, you can save a clone (empty copy) of the file and import the data from your recovered file.

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                          Am doing exactly what you have suggested.


                          Actually, the operation froze, screens went white. But now I am retrying.


                          There is a pop-up window everytime I go into the program that says filesharing is not on...  I didn't think this should have mattered... don't respond if this is irrelevant.


                          Also, regarding the topic of choosing "show all records" from the browse mode, it was always greyed out from that mode. I could only choose all records from the find mode, then go through request menu.


                          No need to reply. I will get back to you about the functionality of the recovered file.


                          Again, thank you so much.



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                            Have recovered the db.


                            same printing problem exactly.


                            I am concerned that the pictures of each item on record of inventory are oversized. Since I was able to insert each picture, regardless of size into each record, I did not take the time to resize each of 451 pictures in photoshop. However, I have no problem scrolling from one record to another when the file is open. Also, I am able to print the one image. (and, earlier in the entry process, I printed other single records).


                            I have requested to download a free trial of FMP 11 to see if this improves the printing situation. If so, we can purchase the update..


                            Worst case scenario will be to print one record at a time. ugh. But we would like to use FMP for a number of future db projects, and would like to use FMP.


                            Again, thanks for any more suggestions you might have.



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                              Try creating a completely new layout and printing from it. This is a shot in the dark, but maybe there's a problem with the layout that recover couldn't fix.


                              You could also save a clone of the file and upload it to a share site and post the download link here so that we could take a look at it.

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                                Hurrah. Exciting. I was able to print requested pages of the new db made with the new layout (imported from excell).


                                what I did:

                                Originally I had imported from excell into six fields created in fmp to receive the core of the data entered into excell. Then I added more fields that we thought would be ideal for the new database. I then inserted pictures.

                                I will re-check all of the fields in my layout to look for any mistakes. Do you have any suggestions about what I should be looking for that could cause my problem.


                                Again, so grateful for your response.



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                                  Trying to remove "index" from all but two key fields.  I never really figured out how to deselect some of the index tabs on some of the fields, how I even chose to index certain fields that I didn't want to index anyway. . trying to figure this out now. but am so excited at the prospect of solving the problem in the fields.



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                                    I don't have 8.5 so your dialogs might be different, but you should be able to double click the field definition in Manage | Database (or did they call it define fields in your version...) and turn indexing off. You can even use this trick to rebuild an index by turning it off, dismissing all the dialogs, then turning indexing back on.


                                    My original suggestion was to take your current database and simply create a new layout in it and see if it will print.


                                    If you choose to create a completely new file, you can simply import the data from the old file into the new without using excel.

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