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Having trouble printing all records

Question asked by Nan on Jun 24, 2010
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Having trouble printing all records


Dear Forum Members,

I am using DBF 7 (which our company bought a long time ago, but just finally got around to using. We are planning to upgrade to 11 soon --if I can get the current db to print out and show all records in hard copy for our inventory projects).


I have created the database, everything looks great, imports and reports went smoothly, pictures on each record all inserted. I have 451 records. I can scroll through and see all of my records (each record is a take a full 8 x 11 page in the format that best suits our inventory --ie 1 record = 1 page, if this matters). 


Have gone to the find mode, requests menu, and selected "all records," I have selected the correct layout., then I have returned to browse mode, I have sorted the records as I wish them to print. I see that all 452 records show in the "total" section . THEN I go to print, I have chosen "records being browsed." I choose print "all," and sometimes I choose pages, then 1 - 452. I have tried every possible option. ONE only page prints out each time I have tried to print --either the "preview" page, or the last record.


So stuck.