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Having trouble running converted files in funeral software program

Question asked by PatrickJones on Feb 4, 2011
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Having trouble running converted files in funeral software program


Admittedly, I'm am totally clueless using File Maker, but for the past 10 years I have been using a program called Funeral Data Manager, which was created by a funeral director in Pennsyvania (the company is now defunct) to assist funera homes managing their data (i.e. sales, records, printing, etc.).  So File Maker 5 was the original program used to create this Funeral Data Manager software, and at one point we had to upgrade to File Maker 6, in order to edit some of the settings to adjust printing and things like that.  So, fast forward to 2011, and we get a new work computer running windows 7, and I no longer have the File Maker 6 install CD.  So, I figured I could purchase FMP 11, and use that software to run the database we have compiled for the past 10 years.

So, when opening the original file "NEEDMGR.FDM" with File Maker Pro 11, it wants to convert the file to the new format.  So, I let it convert the file and when it opens the file, that file in turn wants to open other files (I assume this is performing a script?) and they need to be converted as well.  This is where I get stuck, because the system is asking for a user name and password that I don't have.  I am able to convert these files manually to the new format, but when I open this NEEDMGR file, it is still looking for the old files.  Is there a way to change the procedure to tell the software to look for the new converted files? 

I'm sorry for being such a newbie, but I have nowhere else to turn.