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    Having trouble running converted files in funeral software program



      Having trouble running converted files in funeral software program


      Admittedly, I'm am totally clueless using File Maker, but for the past 10 years I have been using a program called Funeral Data Manager, which was created by a funeral director in Pennsyvania (the company is now defunct) to assist funera homes managing their data (i.e. sales, records, printing, etc.).  So File Maker 5 was the original program used to create this Funeral Data Manager software, and at one point we had to upgrade to File Maker 6, in order to edit some of the settings to adjust printing and things like that.  So, fast forward to 2011, and we get a new work computer running windows 7, and I no longer have the File Maker 6 install CD.  So, I figured I could purchase FMP 11, and use that software to run the database we have compiled for the past 10 years.

      So, when opening the original file "NEEDMGR.FDM" with File Maker Pro 11, it wants to convert the file to the new format.  So, I let it convert the file and when it opens the file, that file in turn wants to open other files (I assume this is performing a script?) and they need to be converted as well.  This is where I get stuck, because the system is asking for a user name and password that I don't have.  I am able to convert these files manually to the new format, but when I open this NEEDMGR file, it is still looking for the old files.  Is there a way to change the procedure to tell the software to look for the new converted files? 

      I'm sorry for being such a newbie, but I have nowhere else to turn.



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          First, read this Knowlege Base article on converting files: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

          Your FileMaker 5/6 solution has many files to it and all need to be converted. For best results, I'd select and open them with FileMaker 11 all in one go. That should enable the system to better update the references between the files.

          One of the big changes between 6 and newer versions is that password security is based on entering an account name and a password in the new versions where versions 6 and older just had a password. During conversion, Filemaker creates a new account in the converted file and uses the password as both the account name and password. If you normally open these files with a password. You should be able to open the converted files by entering this password as both the account name and the password. If there was no password defined, you may need to enter Admin as the account name and leave the password box blank to open the file. In this latter case, you can then update settings in File Options to open the file with Admin and no password to eliminate the pasword dialog that otherwise pops up each time you open the file.

          Another potential password issue here is that passwords in 6 and older are not case sensitive while passwords in the newer versions are case sensitive. This sometimes creates issues with converted, multiple file systems if a password is defined in all the files, but not capitalized consistently in all of them. THe file with a differently capitalized password will no longer open when the file open is triggered from the main file without asking for a password until you open up Manage | Security and correct the password to match the other files.

          You may want to open your original files and check for any passwords defined in the original files.

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                 Hi Patrick,


                 I just came across your post from 2 years ago, and I have great new for you…


                 Funeral Data Manager is still going strong and we're all doing quite well here in Reading, Pennsylvania! In fact, the founder, Mike Feeney, is still the guy you'll usually get when you call us for support! We also still exhibit our software at major trade shows and Funeral Data Manager is often featured in funeral industry publications.


                 For whatever reason, I wasn't able to locate your name in our client database. Otherwise I would have called your funeral home directly to see if we could still offer some help. After all, we know our software better than the helpful folks on the FileMaker Pro Forum!


                 While many of our clients are still clinging to FileMaker Pro 6, we actually have had Funeral Data Manager working with FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier versions for several years now. Unfortunately, the conversion process between versions of FileMaker Pro is not something you would be able to undertake yourself at all, due to the complex dependencies of nearly 100 support files, along with our built in copy protection.


                 If there's still something we can do to help, our complimentary 24/7 Technical Support is always available at 1 888-478-9775.





                 Jonathan, developer


                 Funeral Data Management


                 1 888-478-9775