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Having Trouble Understanding Find

Question asked by RichardAdams on Mar 8, 2013
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Having Trouble Understanding Find & Omit in Scripts.


     On a specific layout, I am trying to find:

     everyone NOT marked "Not Attending" for Status (Omit)

     Everyone marked "F" for Gender

     Everyone not marked "Child" for MartialStatus

     Ultimately, in English, this should give me women, who aren't marked as a Child, who are not marked "Not Attending".


     It's not...

     I set these up as different Perform Find parts of a script, but one or a few of them don't seem to work...

     If I do "Find Gender = F" it doesn't remove males.

     I must be doing something wrong or not understanding the utility of the different modes.

     Any pointer to a guide that may word it or explain it different (I read the filemaker online stuff, still didnt clear it up for me).


     Thanks a bunch!