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Having Trouble using Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by imnxcguy on Nov 10, 2008
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Having Trouble using Instant Web Publishing


OK, I'm missing something here, I guess I'm unclear on the concept. Please help.


I'm trying to publish a VERY simple contact list on the web using Filemaker Pro 9. I have a web domain, web host, etc. I created the database, put it in my local root folder, then uploaded it to my host. I turned Instant Web Publishing on in the Sharing menu.


When I go to the web address of the file on my domain, it either gives me a dialog box asking me to download the file (using Firefox), or Safari shows it in the browser as unreadable text (�������HBAM2101OCT99ÁHPro ...).


What am I doing wrong? I thought I (and others I'm sharing with) would be able to access the file using my browser. I thought I was following the directions closely!