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Having trouble with my basketball stat tracking solution

Question asked by MikeProcopio on Nov 24, 2013
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Having trouble with my basketball stat tracking solution


     I'm building a solution trying to track certain stats for my basketball players per game.

     I'm tracking each possession of the game and connecting if a player screens well or not. We have 82 games 

     The stat I am trying to track is screening. Every possession I want to link to a player and track if he screened or not, did we score on that play, etc.

     I'd like to have a report on the game listing all the players on my team and how many screens they attempted and connected on.

     In the players table I'd like a portal listing games and their stats.

     I have a players table, game table, and a possession table. I was setting up the solution like this


     <Player::pk_id>--------<Game:fk_playerid>< Game;;pk_gameid>-----------<possesion;;fk_gameid>


     Not sure if this ail work the way that I need ti to.




     I have a player's table