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Having Trouble with script calculation

Question asked by RussellCline on Feb 24, 2015
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Having Trouble with script calculation


I am pretty new at this and must be missing something simple. I am trying to write a script that to keep a running tab and record the totals in another table. The problem I'm having is I have multiple prices for the same item the items depending on the price code per item on the discount per item. In excel or access I would set up a relationship that worked out when script xyz runs in table A column A line 1 multiply that by table B Column A row 1,2,3, etc a coding to the discount code that was selected. with filemaker I get first part of the equation because I'm working that row currently but on the side that selects a row I see how to describe the table Table B and the column A TableB::A but how do i select which record I want I have a Column labeled ID but were would I add that on?