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Having trouble with SMTPit 4.1.12

Question asked by BillTrant on May 9, 2011
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Having trouble with SMTPit 4.1.12


I am a new and novice user so please bare with me.  I am managing a database created by someone else which uses SMTPit to send e-mails.  I have recently upgraded my version of FileMaker to FileMaker Pro 11v3 Advanced and am running under Windows 7 64 bit.  Up to now the version of SMTPit that has been used is Version 3 but I want to upgrade that to Version 4.1.12.  To test things out I have downloaded the trial version of SMTPit 4.1.12, uinzipped it and moved the file called SMTPit_Pro_Win.fmx into my FileMaker Extensions folder and then deleted the file SMTPit_Win.fmx from that same folder.  This second SMTPit file was the one that had been installed for Version 3 of SMTPit.  I then opened up FileMaker 11 and activated the new 4.1.12 plugin through the Preferences drop down box.

Everything seemed good up to this point so to test things I searched for one of my records (me in fact) and tried to send an e-mail using the exact same procedure I had always used when using SMTPit v3.  All seemed good and in fact I got a message saying that the e-mail had been sent successfully.  The problem though is that it was never received.  That is to say, even though FileMaker/SMTPit said the message was sent I never received it.

Do you have any idea as to what else I need to do within FileMaker to make SMTPit 4.1.12 work?

Any help for this novice would be appreciated.