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           So, no matter what I do the "header section" cannot be moved up, only down, and then it wont go up past the lowest point I moved it to.

           I cleared out ALL THE OBJECTS on the layout and it still does it.

           Anyone know what is going on?


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               You can't move the header above the top of the page.  You can delete the header if you don't need it (Part Setup under the Layout menu).  You can also make the header smaller like any other part (Body,Header,Summary, Footoer).  You put your mouse at the bottom if the header and the cursor will turn to two side line with up down arrow then drag smaller or larger.  Footer you put mouse at the top. To make parts wider / narrower you put the mouse on the right side.

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                 Usually there is something unseen or off screen.  Edit > Select All then zoom out a level and look for black handles indicating presence of an object.  BTW, an object in the body which is on the line between can prevent header from decreasing as well. 

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                   Try holding down the Alt key while dragging a part boundary line if you want to drag it up past existing layout objects so that hey are no longer in the part being reduced in size. Not sure which key (option?) is the mac equivalent for that trick.