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    Hello? No answer



      Hello? No answer


      File maker will not answer my request for a trial copy.  Filled out the form asked three times no response. Filled out the "Tell us your story" No such page. Really can you be more disappointed and not even have seen the software yet? Let alone, have you tried to find the end of the contact us pages..... they go on and on and never get to a real page to contact a live person. Does not look like a friendly company. Bill

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          Right on the first screen of "contact us" is their contact number: 408-987-7000

          Did you try that number?

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            While rare there have been issues with some customers getting the trial download emails. Assuming they have not been filtered out of your emails by the spam filters our customer support can manually send you a trial at any time. They can be reached at 1-800-325-2747. This number is listed right at the top of the contact us page as well.


            If you send me your name and email address via private message (please don't post as a part of a reply as this is a public forum) I can also set up an email to be sent to you with our customer support department. To send the private message hit the small envelope icon underneath the search button in the forum page.



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