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           This is my first post in the forum. I'am very new to filemaker, I always read from the net to get some information on how to use this software. Now I'm building a data base from a starter solution. In my database to which Im building I have two tables

           1. Dash_Board

           2.  Manufactured_Products

           The problem what Im struggling now is I want that in my Dash_Board table the calculation (Products to be Shipped out Next Month) wil give me a correct count of materials to be shipped out for  next month so that we know how many palletes were going to prepare. If I will put the shipped out date for example January 2, 2013 or March 8, 2013 these two dates are included in the calculation which I dont want. I have attached the link to where you can download my sample database to help you figureout my problem and easy for you to help me.


           Thank you very much.

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               Here your app with the item fixed.  I created a Calculation to Get Next Month and then another to compute the shipping month.  Add relationship and a summary field to count the items.



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            Home > Designing and creating databases > Creating a database > About planning a database
                                A well-designed database promotes consistent data entry and retrieval, and reduces the existence of duplicate data among the database tables. Relational database tables work together to ensure that the correct data is available when you need it. It’s a good idea to plan a database on paper first.                     
                                     Follow these general steps to plan a database:

            Relational Database Design 101 (part 1 of 3): Designing a Flat File Database

            Relational Database Design 101 (part 2 of 3)

            Relational Database Design 101 (part 3 of 3)


            The White Paper for FMP Novices is useful  - 
                                                              Filemaker Free - Listing of free resources  - 

            Free unlocked templates
                                                              By Richard Carlton Consulting
                                                              Starting Point -  Contacts | Accounts | Calendar | Estimates |Invoices | Projects |Products | Staff etc.
                                                              Donations -  Accounts | Contacts | Donations | Reporting | Prefs
                                                              Recruiter -
                                                              Data4Life -  Contacts | Calendar | Projects | Prospects | Journal | Goals

            RCC Blog  - 
                                                              By yzysoft.com  Contacts | Products | Invoices | Letters
                                                              Sample Database -

                                                              A free calendar is available and can be integrated into your database
                                                              Seedcode Calendar Free -
                                                              Filemaker's  Online Help Pages
                                                              FMP 12  http://www.filemaker.com/12help/index.html
                                                              FMP 11  http://www.filemaker.com/11help/index.html
                                                              FMP 9    http://www.filemaker.com/9help/index.html

            Hints, Tips, and Demo Downloads  FMP version 6 thru 12

            FMP business database demos - some are fully useable
                                                              The Excelisys Business Tracker V3.0  - 
                                                              Filemaker released a FMP runtime database in 2007 for students called "Campus Productivity Kit" and is available online, notably at CNet
                                                              Google "Campus Productivity Kit"    https://www.google.com/search?q="Campus+Productivity+Kit"

            WIN -  http://download.cnet.com/FileMaker-Campus-Productivity-Kit/3000-2124_4-10577579.html/

                                                              You can rename the database from a .usr file to a .fp7 file and open in FMP 7 thru 11

            Lynda dot com has Filemaker Videos (portions are free)
                                                              YouTube - Filemaker Videos

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                                                              UK FileMaker Channel
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            Filemaker Academy Channel
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                                                              Filemaker News

            Scoop.it is an information curation site - free option available.
                                                              Filemaker Info  -  http://scoop.it/t/filemaker-info
                                                              Filemaker News  - http://www.scoop.it/t/fm-news

            Filemaker Wikipedia  - 
                                                              Filemaker - Version By Version  - 

            Search specific Filemaker sites with this Custom Google Search


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                   Hi S Chamblee,

                   Thank you for your prompt reply and fixing my database I appreciate it, I tried to import our files from excel and I noticed our records for the past Past years (November 2007, November 2008, November 2009,  November 2010 & November 2011)  to input future years (November 2013) and it also included future years (November 2013) because I also tried to input. kinldy help me also to fix this one. Thank you very much.

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                Hi DavidAnders,


                Your links are very useful. thank you very much.

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                       Hello Everybody,

                       Here I am again appealing for your help regarding my above query. Thank you.

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                         Can you make that a specific question?

                         You listed more than one issue at the start of this, exactly where has the car run off the road for you?

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                           Sorry.  I didn't notice you had another question.   Took me a little while, what you were saying but try this update.  It only show the records for the next month of the current year.



                           I will make a another update later tonight when I have time.   To fix January shipments. 

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                             I believe this will do what you need.

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                               Hi S Chamblee,

                               Thank you very much..."I believe this will do what you need"..Big Yes!..thank you so much...