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           Trying to do the following without success.


           In my "Product" Table In File "Data03" there are simple data fields including "Category" & "Cost" & a summary field "s_Costs".

           The Category field was getting data from a value list which would allow for new additions.

           I wanted to add a "CategoryAdjPercent" field which allowed me to record an adjusted value based on a common factor for each category, so I changed the data source of the Category field to be a separate table in the "Data03" file, which has a "category" field related it in the relationship graph to the field of same name in "Product" table, made a new layout just for the new category table, populated it with the categories previously in the value list, then when I tried to make a calculation field in the "Product" table, such as "CategoryAdjPercent" X "Cost"  it doesn't lists the table as being unrelated, even tho I linked them in the relationship graph in file "Data03".


           What I want to do is:

           Give one factor for each category

           Be able to add products via the Product table with either new categories or select existing ones

           Be able to have a report which lists all products with adjusted costs for each item & as a sum for each category as well.


           What am I doing wrong??

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               Can't tell what you did wrong from here.

               What you can try:

               Open Manage | Database | Fields and select your original table. Add a new field of type calculation. In the specify calculation dialog, select your new, related table from the drop down just above the list of field names. If it's there and listed as related, you can select it and see the list of fields for that table appear below it. Set up your calculation and when you want to add a field, double click its name in the list to get the correct syntax.

               If it's not in that drop down list, then it's not related as you thought. In that case, I suggest uploading a screen shot of the relationships so that we can look for possible problems.

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                 kinda works now



                 How can I make it so that when I add a new record in Products, I can either select a Category or type in a new one, and be assurred that the category will exist in the related field in the categories table. Also, is it possible that the related field in the categories table would be deleted if all the records in the Product field of the particular category are deleted?


                 Thanks in advance


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                   There are a number of methods that could be used. The simplest is to add a button that takes you to a layout base on your table of categories. Create a new record, enter the category name and then return to your product layout to select this new category. Buttons can switch you between the two layouts for this purpose.