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Help ! Finding within a Layout

Question asked by Martin1 on Oct 9, 2008
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Help ! Finding within a Layout


I am trying to save myself a considerable amount of report generation time buy utilising the report layout function by setting up the month end reports which then just requires a find within specific fields.


I need the perform a find in 3 seperate fields to pair down the data to the specific information I need. One field is the date but will need to searched for the full month, the second it a value between 1 and 6 and the third is a yes/no field.


At the moment is doesn't mater whether I search in one field or try inputting a field and then going onto new request, I can't filter the data I want. For some reason it will not pick up certain test data I have input to make sure the filters work.


To solve this issue would give me considerable time savings at the end of each month, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks