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Help ! Printing problem : empty space / paper is lost (labels)

Question asked by magix on Dec 3, 2009
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Help ! Printing problem : empty space / paper is lost (labels)


Dear all,


My problem happens when printing labels.

We want to be able to print the correct number of labels, and at the next print to start at the next label. 


To be very clear: 


  • We are not using USLetter/A4 labels pages (Averty) where a lot of labels are present on a single page, but  :
  • we are using dotprinter labels, the source paper is like a roll, and you can print one label at a time...
  • In a sense it's like if each label is a page in itself.
  • I found an image on the web that illustrates approximately the type of labels we are using :



The problem is that Filemaker doesn't handle this correctly and prints empty space/lines !

If we print 1 label, it will print the label, and then scroll 5-6 labels that will remain empty !

Like a page feed that shouldn't happen...


Any help will be greatly appreciated on this subject because I really don't see how to solve it !