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    help !! finding deleted records



      help !! finding deleted records




      I have deleted all my records by accident. And i have no backup's.

      Can i find my deleted records back?


      I hope someone can help me..

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          I hate the be the one that is the bearer of bad news...


          but no.

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            Are they live records ... meaning were they deleted from the a main table or are the

            deleted records from a relationship. 


            If the latter than sorry there gone... If from related , If you are lucky, which I would not garentee, 

            Maybe just maybe the key is broken. But again that is a shot in dark. 


            Hope this idea helps and hate to be the second to tell you...... Backup up your files on regular basis.

            In hte future if this happens again you will not be totaly lost.




            One last hope.... What OS are you running... If you are using Vista it maybe a good thing for a change

            Click on icon and choose properties/Previous Version .... see pcture