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Help - Invoice Generation

Question asked by Diegoale2000 on Mar 25, 2009


Help - Invoice Generation



 I have been looking for a way to streamline my work, especially Invoicing my clients.

 I have 2 FileMaker Files.

1- Client Manager

The client Manager contains everything from the Business Name, Address and Contact information, to  The Monthly Payment my clients make and the size of their ad (the database is for newspaper advertisement)


2- Invoices

This will have a Printable Invoice for each of my clients.

It is one invoice per client, per month.

I have an Invoice # that automatically generates, and the Invoices get the rest of the Info from the "Business Name" field in the Client Manager, however, I have to type the name of the business for each new invoice I want to make.


What I would like to do:


I would like to be able to Generate an invoice of each of my clients by pressing a button. (by pressing a button in the contacts file)

I would also like to be able to generate an individual Invoice on request (by pressing a button in the contacts file)


If anyone could help me out with a way to script these actions I would very much appreciate it!


Thank You

Diego A