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Help - Link external files to database but not import

Question asked by chrisg on Dec 15, 2009
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Help - Link external files to database but not import


Can someone teach me how to do the following on Windows XP/Filemaker Pro 10?


I want to create a database whereby an end-user without Layout/Script rights can point and click to a file (Word, Excel, pdf) on a network drive.  The path to the indicated file would then be stored in filemaker and displayed in a field.  Clicking on the field, path or button would automatically open the file.


To clarify, I don't want to store the actual file INSIDE Filemaker, because the file will be changed periodically by users.  Thus, if the file is imported into the filemaker db, subsequent changes to the file wouldn't be reflected in the database.  Rather, I just want to link to the file (and hope the users don't change the file name!).


I can't program the button, link, path because the users will constantly be uploading different files for all the records they create.  it must work by allowing them to point and click to it.  thoughts?  Thank you!!