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    Help - Need to Setup Audit Database for Warner Bros.



      Help - Need to Setup Audit Database for Warner Bros.



      I am setting up an audit Database for Warner Bros. I am new to this program and need some help. I set up a "master" database that will house all of the information for every Department (i.e. feature, television, and animation). Now, I need to setup a database (or table if that would be better I am not sure) to seperate Television and Feature. I would like Feature to only view feature and televsion to only view television and both of them to feed into the "master." I know how to setup the different databses, but I am having trouble with them creating records for one another. I also want a new record created in feature to show up as a feature record in the "master."

      Let me know if you have any ideas or if I did not explain this clearly. Thanks for your help!


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          I think you may need to hire a consultant for this. This won't be easy to hammer out via discussion forum. There are many, many unanswered questions that would have to be asked and answered. For starters, you would probably have one department table where you have one record for each department ( television, feature, animation, etc.) and then define related tables to track and record the various aspects of your audit process from there.

          Just analyzing your audit process and determining what level of documentation needs to be generated at each step of the process could be a major job for an organization as large as Warner Bros.