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Help --  PHONEBK error!

Question asked by ndc_1 on Jun 5, 2009
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Help --  PHONEBK error!



Was hoping someone could help -- the computer crashed. It was restarted but had problems opening Filemaker  -- the Main Menu file had been corrupted (but was repaired using Recover) and though Filemaker seems to be working fine in every other aspect now, nothing happens when I click on the Phone Book.  When I try to open the specific Phone Book file I receive an error message that says "PONEBK was not created by Filemaker or is severely damaged and cannot be opened."  So all our phone numbers and information are inaccessible?  I hope there's a way to retrieve the information.


I have Filemaker 6.0v4 and I'm working on a Vista Operating System with Filemaker networked on two computers.  To my knowledge we do not have a backup.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!