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Question asked by Wkenddad on Apr 15, 2012
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Help a Newbie


Here's the task

I have an excel spreadsheet that has become to large to be used efficiently.

It really should be a database.

I track patients cholesterol levels, call them to change treatment and when it's time to retest.

I have only about 8 fields, but excel can't handle the 2000+ records efficiently.


Here are my fields:

1. Name

2. Medical Record #

3. Last Test Date

4. Last Test Value

5. Contact Type (Phone, Letter, E-Mail)

6. Contact Date

7. Notes

8. Next retest date (This is a date calculated by the last test value and date)

If Last Test Value < 100 Retest Date = Last Test Date + 182 days

If Last Test Value > 99 Retest Date = Last Test Date + 50 days


I planned on having three tables:

1. Members

Would Contain (MRN and Name)

2. Results

Would Contain (MRN + Last Test Date + Last Test Value)

3. Contacts

Would contain (MRN + Contact Type + Contact Date + Notes)


I was able to import from the Excel file, but it all ended up in one table (Members)

I was able to go to Manage Database and add the other tables (Contacts + Results) but each table contained all fields

How do I eliminate the unwanted fields from each table?

Can anyone help set this up?