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Help a noob!! I need help with a calculation using value list pop-up..

Question asked by zdecamp on Sep 16, 2009
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Help a noob!! I need help with a calculation using value list pop-up..


I have a pop-up listing selections from a value list. I need to calculate a cost that depends on the selection. I had it working when each item was listed in my inventory with a price set for each individually, but I want the price to be set based on more general factors.


i.e. I have seven different colors of pencils that I inventory. They are all the same price and will remain the same price. I also have pencils with sharpeners, which adds a little more than the pencils. I want to be able to set prices on a price sheet outside of my inventory table, but still be able to create a pop-up that can calculate the proper cost for the selected item when I select it on my invoice table.


so, value-list contains: no pencil, red pencil, blue pencil, green pencil, black w/sharpener, red w/sharpener.  Pencils are $1 and sharpeners are $.50 I have the prices set in two fields on my price sheet form. now on invoices I need it to calculate a cost based on my selection.How can I calculate the value so that it will either equal 0 for "no pencil" , pricesheet;;pencilcost for"pencil" options or pricesheet;;pencilcost + pricesheet;;sharpenercost for "Pencil w/sharpener" options?