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Help adding multiple images into single record

Question asked by Raider on Nov 8, 2009
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Help adding multiple images into single record


Hi all,

I'm an historian trying to create a database of digital photographs of archival documents for my PhD dissertation. This is my first database, and I'm only just starting to use Filemaker.

What I basically want to do is have each record relate to a single archival document. I'd like to have all my citation/reference data at the top, and then have a tab with the image of the document and then a tab with my notes.

I've gotten the basic shell set up, and was thinking using a container for the image of the document would be the way to go. My problem, however, is that the container can only take one image file, and most of my documents are several pages long, with each page being one image file.

How can I best work around this problem? I really need the various image files forming one document to be together in one record for the database to meet my needs.

Finally, while many of the documents are image files (.jpeg, etc), some are in .pdf -- not sure if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance!