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Help adding Percent to report

Question asked by john.s on Aug 23, 2014
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Help adding Percent to report



     I'm adding a financial module to our photography business FM database.  I bring in bank statements and add a category to each transaction.  I have two type summary fields to sum Credits and Debits.  And produce a report by category.  I am now grouping the categories into higher levels.  So I have a Overhead with several expense categories under it and Cost of Good sold with a few categories, etc.  The report looks like this

     Category                   Credits            Debits       Percent

Deposits                         $  xx,xxx


              Rent                                                     $ x,xxx

             Utiilities                                                 $ x,xxx

  Total Overhead                                         $x,xxx              xx%


Cost of Goods Sold

             Lab Fees                                               $ x,xxx

             etc                                                         $ x,xxx

              etc                                                        $ x,xxx

             etc                                                         $ x,xxx

Total Cost of Goods Sold                           $ x,xxx            xx%


        Grand Total          $ xx,xxx                $ xx,xxx     

     Report is produced using the type summary field for the  Credits and Debits and the dollar amounts are working.  I can not figure out how to get the percent of total for  each major category for the debits.

     Input is:

     BankTransactions::AmountCredit  (type number)

     BankTransactions::AmountDebit   (type number)

     BankTransactions::SumCredits  (type summary  =Total of AmountCredits)

     BankTransactions::SumDebits  (type summary  =Total of AmountDebits)



     Any help will be greatly appreciated