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Help again

Question asked by RuiIsidroFalacho on Apr 29, 2010
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Help again


It's me again...

This project is making me crazy =( i have been trying to complete this database for days and days and days =(


(Although i haven't found out a solution for my previous problem) Now i need to do this:



I need to make all those fields independent from one another... i mean... that is for Patients follow up... so i need the date to be different on each line and the patient name to be different too... I know how to do that... BUT i don't know how to make it possible to insert a name on search mode in the first field, for example, and make so it searches for it in all the database, in all the fields =/
I hope i was clear explaining =(
Srry guys... i rlly have to do this... I am a college teacher (med school) and i rlly need to complete this database... if some1 could help me here on the forum or via email or msn, i would be eternally gratefull...