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Help auto-fill table? and alternatives

Question asked by CG_1 on May 23, 2013
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Help auto-fill table? and alternatives



     I'm creating a database where the workers from each shift, have to fill in related data.

     I'm using a layout with general fields that need to be seen all the time, and portals within tabs.

     I have a table for equipments, that has ID and Equipment Name, so that the Admin can change, add and delete equipments.


     Now, I need the workers to be able to add data related to each of these equipments, every shift, in a "table" where we have, for example:

     - 1st column -






     (all the equipments inserted on equipment table and are auto-filled according to that table)


     - 2nd column -

     hours (for each)


     - 3rd column -

     notes (for each)


     SO, probably it can't be done like this but I would appreciate some help finding a solution.

     Oh and this "table" should be within a tab and portal.


     Thanks in advance