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Help cleaning up a text field retrieved from a web page

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Oct 16, 2012
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Help cleaning up a text field retrieved from a web page


     Hey guys.


     I'm trying to automate a process that updates the count of web service functions and then lets me know which ones are new.  I have a script which retireves the html code of the page containing the functions and enters it into a text field.  the only texx I want to remain in the field is below in red.

     <a href="evolution.asmx?op=Add100ContractItems">

     The surounding text will always be the same  <a href="evolution.asmx?op= ########">

I would like the remainer of the text it extracts separated by a cariage return to create a list.

This list is then checked by another field with the last retieved functions and another calculation which only leaves me the new functions.  This is then carried over into a dialog box that displays the new functions names at the end of a start up script.  I have everything working except for cleaning up the html code to create the new list.


Thanks for any assistance