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Help Connecting Many to Many Portal

Question asked by CeciliaBaldwin on Aug 29, 2013
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Help Connecting Many to Many Portal




     I am  currently trying to make a many to many tables work, and i'm not sure if it's an error with my TOs or if I do not have the proper ids to match that isn't making my portal work. 


     This is what I am trying to achieve: I am manage a bakery and we do a lot of wedding cakes and want to be able to link the vendors with related accounts, so that we can keep track of who we've worked with where. As there are multiple categories of vendors - venues, florists, event planners, etc that I have subcategory (by a value list), I would ideally like to have in the Account Table a portal, where I can select the vendor (as each vendor has an id) , and then have it automically complete the relevant fields associated. Then, in the vendor table, have all the vendors information with a portal showing all the related accounts.

     I was able to successfully make the corresponding portals, but it would never allow me to have more than one vendor per account. 

     I have it set up with :

     Account Table                    Vendor Table

     account_id           =            account id

     vendor id             =          vendor id


     Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I have been fighting with it off and on for months!